Delisauce sauces

Chef Tim Geers, culinary passionate and always looking for pure and tasty flavors is for decades behind his cooking pots in the gastronomic world. Graduated in 1997 at the renowned hotel school “Ter Duinen” in Koksijde to gain inspiration through numerous international stages. He now has his own caterer and catering company.

The urge to cook for a wider audience grew bigger and the idea behind Delisauce was born; for each consumer to make a top sauce that fits perfectly with fresh fish, meat or vegetables. We prepare all sauces with an incredible culinary passion for the finest sauces of true restaurant quality. It all starts with a good foundation, “au fond le meilleur”, literally translates “as the basis the best quality”. Each sauce is unique and made to measure.

Such tasty sauces have to be in the supermarket. And Albert Heijn agrees. You currently find the 5 Delisauce meat sauces in the larger AH stores and on The flavors are as following: mustard cream sauce with grain mustard, mushroom cream sauce with a dash of port, pepper cream sauce with a dash of cognac, bearnaise sauce with pure clarified butter and a wild cream sauce with Li├Ęge syrup. All easy to warm up and ready for use. You can find everything on

With Delisauce as a culinary expert in the field of sauces and Menken van den Assem as a distributor, a great collaboration has been created that will provide many beautiful sauces! Interested in the sauces? We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you, please contact us: