Seagreen wakame fish burgers

Finally the Seagreen wakame fish burgers (salmon / tuna) are in store at the Albert Heijn.

Seagreen is a collaboration between Fish Tales, Menken van den Assem and the Seaweed man, Toine Wilke. In February, the first wakame fish burgers were brought onto the Dutch market. Read the sustainable mission of Seagreen below.

At Sea Green, enjoying good food goes hand in hand with care for the future. That’s why we want to show you how nice and easy it is to cook with seaweed!

The world is changing fast, and with these changes a new way of life is being combined. The world’s population is growing and CO2 emissions are rising. That is why we should make better use of our oceans.

We love the sea! The sea has much to offer us when it comes to taste, health and sustainable solutions. Until now we use a minority of all those wonderful available sources. By consuming more seaweed, we can save resources on land. A better balance!

Currently two types of wakame fish burgers have been introduced, namely the Hooked wakame tuna burger and the Twinfin wakame salmon burger. Click here for more information.


Hungry? The fish burgers of Seagreen are available online and in store at Albert Heijn. The burgers cost €3.99 per 2 pieces.

For inspiration and recipes you can go to our Seagreen website.





Picture by David Loftus